i’m going to collect some of my favorite tools, websites and tips&tricks round about spotify here. drop me a line if you have an addition.

Genre Playlists

Type the following into spotify search, followed by the genre, to find spotifys’ auto-generated playlists. Eg. “The sound of indie rock”.

the sound ofhundreds of classic genre songs
intro to50 top genre songs
the edge ofabout 200 recent less-known genre songs
the pulse ofabout 200 current popular genre songs
the needlecan be combined with
- current
- emerging
- underground
and countries.
100+ trendsetter songs.

Also available as a google spreadsheet or excel (created by reddit user atomic_eternity; original thread here).

Same lists, but cooler: every noice at once – pick genre, find lists at top.

New Music

Pitchify – recent albums with a good review by Pitchfork (and others), direct links to Spotify

Spotifynewmusic – new albums on Spotify, can be ordered and searched in multiple ways

Playlist Organization

Playlist Manager – Playlist Manager merges the songs of selected playlists into one view, allowing you to easily add and remove songs from different playlists

Organize – Organize your Spotify music by any of a wide range of musical attributes including genre, mood, decade of release and more