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Anthony Bourdain 1956-2018

I don’t care too much about TV chefs, but with Anthony Burdain, food was not about the recipe, it was about the people who cook it in the places they live.

what happened in the last four weeks

what happened in the last four weeks….

  • went to Asia (hint: pick a cooler season for Hong Kong)
  • watched just a few movies on the flight
    • School of Rock – oldie but goodie
    • Aus dem Nichts / in the fade – tough stuff, but good
  • finished Homeland Season 7 – solid entertainment for fans of the show, but Carrie starts to annoy me, maybe it’s time to end this
  • started finally with Westworld Season 2
  • trying to make this blog thingy here halfway DSGVO/GDPR conform – ongoing
  • couple of other stuff which is none of your business

The last proof that irrationalism, populism and symbolic politics have finally reached the mainland.

Crosses must be mounted in all state buildings, Bavaria orders

“Remember to look at the stars and not down at your feet”

bored tonight. so why not do something with my spare domain?

introducing: my future farrago of comments, links and random stuff which should go to facebook but doesn’t because facebook sucks.


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