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Escape At Dannemora

Ben Stiller directs a dark series about two inmates escaping a high-security prison, based on a true story. If the name Ben Stiller leads you to the conclusion that there has to be some humorous elements in this series, I can assure you, nothing is funny in this.
Excellent show with outstanding acting, especially by Patricia Arquette and Paul Dano.

4 Blocks Season 1

Yeah, I’m late to the show. Just this:
One of the best German TV series around.

Unfortunately Season 2 seems to be less good according to the critics. I might just skip it.

Good entertainment, but Suburra is still the little brother of Gomorra for me.


I just finished the second season of Counterpart. The bad thing you can say about it, is that Starz cancelled the show. The good thing is that the writers found a pretty good ending (which I’m not going to spoil). Otherwise, great acting by J.K. Simmons, Olivia Williams and Nazanin Boniadi.

Hi, there. Long time, no see. Been a bit busy (see Instagram).

Anyway, let’s talk series. It’s unavoidable to compare Russian Doll to “Groundhog Day”, but Netflix gives that idea a different twist, which has its own right to exist beside the giant example. It’s sometimes funny, sometimes mysterious, sometimes dark. Definitely recommended.

Das Boot

German TV series “Das Boot” does make some references to the classic movie from 1981 but finds its own style. While the roles and characters of the movie were pretty clear and distinct, the modern version doesn’t offer a clear picture about who is good and bad. Overall a solid TV series, which get’s better in the second half.

House of Cards – Season 6

This season is a train wreck.

The Sinner – Season 1

Guess I’m a little bit late to the show, but there’s just so much time to watch all those series.

The Sinner is an excellent show, crime and thriller, story twists and well played. All you could ask for, but… it has quite a plot hole. Therefore only 80% on Frankies satisfaction rate.

Critics complain “The First” has too much family and too less SciFi; it’s slow pace and missing action. They are right and I loved it!

Take Interstellar and The Tree of Life and you get great pictures about humans,  philosophy and dreams. I really hope that there will be a season 2.

La casa de papel / Money Heist

I can’t understand why so many people dig “La casa de papel“, or “Money Heist” as it’s called in the US. The plot is unrealistic, details are flawed and the characters flat and cliché.  There is so much better stuff out there, don’t waste your time.


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