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Critics complain “The First” has too much family and too less SciFi; it’s slow pace and missing action. They are right and I loved it!

Take Interstellar and The Tree of Life and you get great pictures about humans,  philosophy and dreams. I really hope that there will be a season 2.

Crazy Rich Asians

What it is: A big thing for the Asian (film) community. Quite rightly.

What it isn’t: In anyway an extraordinary story or acting. It’s a mediocre RomCom, not more.

La casa de papel / Money Heist

I can’t understand why so many people dig “La casa de papel“, or “Money Heist” as it’s called in the US. The plot is unrealistic, details are flawed and the characters flat and cliché.  There is so much better stuff out there, don’t waste your time.

So after Outlaw King here are two more  outstanding Neflix trailers.

Hold the Dark – A gripping psychological thriller unfolds in the treacherous Alaskan wilderness when a retired wolf expert is summoned to investigate a child’s disappearance.

This looks pretty cool.


ROMA – Time and Space constrain us, but they also define who we are, creating inexplicable bonds with the others that flow with us at the same time and through the same places.

Something cineastic from  Alfonso Cuarón.

Four young men plan a library heist to steal some rare books but everything goes terribly wrong. The core of the film though is not the heist, but the fact that everything happened like described. The storytelling frequently jumps between interviews with the real people portrayed in the movie and the events themselves performed by actors.

Critics love the movie (86% on Rotten Tomatoes as of now), and I can’t really grab it, but something’s missing to make it outstanding for me. I’ll give it 3 out of 5 points.

Deadpool doing Deadpool things. Those who liked part 1 will like part 2.

Ohboyohboyohboy – this will better be good!


This clip is from “The Inner Light”, S5E25 – without a doubt one of the best episodes. This is why TNG is my favorite Star Trek show – there is a message and a meaning, much more than a few guys in weird clothes flying around in space.


Buy some beer and potato chips and invite your friends over, you’ll have a good time.

Guy has recurring dreams about Aliens invading earth, just to find out that his visions become reality. Sounds like a B-movie plot? Guess what – it is. The story has one good twist, however, everything else is just mediocre, including the actors.

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