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Deadpool doing Deadpool things. Those who liked part 1 will like part 2.

Ohboyohboyohboy – this will better be good!


This clip is from “The Inner Light”, S5E25 – without a doubt one of the best episodes. This is why TNG is my favorite Star Trek show – there is a message and a meaning, much more than a few guys in weird clothes flying around in space.


Buy some beer and potato chips and invite your friends over, you’ll have a good time.

Guy has recurring dreams about Aliens invading earth, just to find out that his visions become reality. Sounds like a B-movie plot? Guess what – it is. The story has one good twist, however, everything else is just mediocre, including the actors.

Men play just a minor role in this mini series about the well-known story of the hunt for an assassin. But it’s the strange relationship between the secret agent Eve (Sandra Oh) and the assassin Villanelle (superbly played by Jodie Comer) which probably wouldn’t work with men and gives the show that little bit of extra. Recommended!

Ready Player One

As a kid of the 80s, I probably fully fall into the target audience of that flick. So I guess it’s not for everybody – not looking for a deeper meaning , I actually quite enjoyed it.


Looking forward to this.


Anthony Bourdain 1956-2018

I don’t care too much about TV chefs, but with Anthony Burdain, food was not about the recipe, it was about the people who cook it in the places they live.

currently watching

West World Season 2

Still high quality entertainment with the focus more on a developing story. The “huh, what’s going on?” from season 1 gives way to a “what’s happening next?”. Recommended!

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2

One of my favorite shows the last years. Season 2 does not disappoint and keeps telling the compelling dystopian story of  human fates in the Republic of Gilead.

what happened in the last four weeks

what happened in the last four weeks….

  • went to Asia (hint: pick a cooler season for Hong Kong)
  • watched just a few movies on the flight
    • School of Rock – oldie but goodie
    • Aus dem Nichts / in the fade – tough stuff, but good
  • finished Homeland Season 7 – solid entertainment for fans of the show, but Carrie starts to annoy me, maybe it’s time to end this
  • started finally with Westworld Season 2
  • trying to make this blog thingy here halfway DSGVO/GDPR conform – ongoing
  • couple of other stuff which is none of your business
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