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Guy has recurring dreams about Aliens invading earth, just to find out that his visions become reality. Sounds like a B-movie plot? Guess what – it is. The story has one good twist, however, everything else is just mediocre, including the actors.

Currently also watching Manhunt Unabomber on Netflix. Reminds me a bit of (the pretty good) Mindhunter, also available on Netflix. So if you are into those profiler kind of stories, you will like it. Nothing groundbreaking, but  a solid piece of entertainment.

i really would like to love altered carbon, but i’m having a hard time. generally i like sci-fi, the idea is great, the visual effects are really good but the show doesn’t really click with me. probably because i don’t empathize with any of the main characters. no wonder – no one is likeable, their motivations mostly unclear, characters feel flat and seem to be just stereotypes. the result: i don’t care what happens with them. there are so many other shows in my queue, so i might just stop watching right now.

Annihilation is a movie I’ll probably love and the first reactions are pretty good. Strangely internationally it will be released directly on Netflix and not come to the theaters. Not sure if I like that, but alright.


get your tissues ready (man, i love this show)


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